Worldwide, cybercrime costs businesses $6.5 trillion a year, and by 2025, it is expected to cost $10.5 trillion. In the US alone, cyberattacks on small businesses cost each business an average of $8700. Stay ahead of the hackers with our WordPress security package that covers WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates, database optimizations, speed optimizations and backups, all with monthly reporting. It’s your one-stop-shop to ensure your website is secure and operating as efficiently as possible.

There are many, many ways a website can be hacked, but the most common way that hackers are able to gain access to WordPress sites is through outdated WordPress core and plugins using common exploits. Once your site is hacked, it’s very hard to regain control, and if malicious content is put onto your site, and your site becomes flagged by  the security services that add it to a blocklist, it can be almost impossible to remove. This is associated with your url, so if your url is many years old and you have put a lot of SEO work into it, you have to start over with a new url.