Meet The Owner

Dan Pearson
Dan PearsonOwner

Our mission is to provide the best value in the industry to our clients. We do this by providing our outstanding products, ongoing customer support, and services at a significantly lower price than other similar companies.

Because everyone loves getting a good deal! I’m willing to bet you remember the best deal you got in your life, whether it be a couch, a car, or a significant other. It feels good, doesn’t it? It feels like you’ve won, like you beat the system. That’s the same feeling we want our customers to experience when they choose to work with us.

We mean what we say when it comes to our mission statement. We will match or beat any quote from a reputable company (sorry, we can’t match the guys in India or your nephew who makes websites part-time).

At Blue Gorilla Media, we care about the earth. Whether that be the climate that’s in serious jeopardy from carbon pollution, the ocean environment that are being destroyed by plastic pollution and acidification, or wild animals that are being poached or are losing their environment to deforestation. That’s why when you buy a project through us, a portion of the sales will go directly to our carefully hand-picked charities.

Blue Gorilla Media was founded by Dan Pearson (that’s him on the right). Dan grew up in a very small town called Selah, WA, which is famous for Treetop apple juice, and absolutely nothing else. He graduated with a degree in Management of Information Systems from Washington State University, and a degree in Multimedia from Mesa College.

When Dan isn’t making websites, he enjoys what most 90’s kid middle-aged men do: mountain biking, sand volleyball, hiking, video games, beer, eating too much, and complaining about back pain and taxes.